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Earlier this year I Photographed ‘Cornwall High Performance’ training with some of their Youth Athlete’s on ‘Child To Champion Programme’.

A bit about Cornwall High Performance, firstly they work very closely with 10-18yr olds.  A lot of their work is with the youth age range which tend to play individual or team sports. The focus largely sits with improving and filling up the athletic toolbox. As they notice time and time again that many young athletes are over trained. This can be seen through excess sport.

As young athletes make the jump from primary to secondary school and look to further their physical progression. Emphasis on training to be completed in a controlled environment is crucial. The physical fundamentals are always present in their training but Cornwall High Performance shift the focus slightly towards physical robustness which is highly needed to perform in all chosen sports.


The Coaches

I’ve worked alongside Cornwall High Performance as their photographer for many years, I have shadowed their Child to Champion Program, Speed Development and  been on call for updated head shots for their websites and social media’s. With over sixty youth athlete sunder their wing. The youth athlete development program ‘Child to Champion’ is flourishing as are the athletes themselves. Alongside that program they run a ‘Guaranteed Speed Academy’ where they coach young sport’s people with a view to developing speed, a much needed physical quality for so many sports.


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