Isabella Banks


Isabella Banks Photography



Cornwall Hospice Care

 Bridal Promotion Photography -Cornwall Hospice Care ‘Something Old & New’ fashion show.


The Hub Design and Printshop(USA, AL)

Promotion Work


Cornwall Today

Published photographs- Bridal Shoot ‘Cornwall Today’


Gloss Magazine

Photographed Andrew George (Local MP) NHS debate for Gloss Magazine


Take Me Out Star

Photographed Georgette Beacham (Take Me Out Star)


Penhaligons Friends Charity

2015 – Volunteer work – Penhaligons Friends Charity (Maternity Shoots)


Cornwall Today

Published photographs (double page spread) ‘Cornwall Today’ for ‘Patch and Acre’


Take a Break (magazine)

Published photograph in ‘Take a Break’ magazine, Step by Step Painted Bumps


Truro College

2012 – Most progress in a year award FDA (Truro College)




Luminarium Final Year Show, Lander Gallery, Truro


Dolcetta Exhibition, The Poly Exhibition, Famouth


Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Truro College


Landscape and Photography Exhibition, Truro College


Online exhibition- More than Words



Plymouth University

BA Honours Photography


Truro College

Foundation Degree and Digital Imagery


Truro College

NCFE Level 3 Creative Photography


Truro College

NCFE Level 2 Creative Photography


Truro College

National Diploma (equivalent to 3 ‘A’ levels) Media Studies


Photoshop 89%
WordPress 61%


About me

Cornish Photographer, Mother of two, living in Perranwell lover of all things creative.

Since leaving school I have always been adamant that l I would only be in a career that I was

truly passionate about. Back then, the ordinary 9-5 life didn’t appeal to me, or my lifestyle

with a newborn baby. I thought this is my moment; Photography. Something that wasn’t just

a hobby, but part of my life since I can remember. To turn this passion into a career would

be a dream. I decided to do a Photography Foundation Degree at Truro College, beginning

when my son Lorenzo, was 10 months old (I’ve learnt the hard way that university and

children do not go hand in hand!) Lorenzo was my main subject to photograph, until I tried

some fashion styles. The whole collaboration team of a make-up artist, hair stylist and model

really fascinated me. I went on to complete my third year at Plymouth University to achieve

a full Bachelors Degree. Once I’d graduated, I felt a huge sense of achievement – with a little

sigh of relief! Lorenzo and I took a 6 month vacation to the States; sweet home Alabama and

Florida to visit my relatives. My Canon camera was always clutched in hand whilst I

explored this part of the world. I’d never seen such beautiful sites in my life, with incredible

history and depth, with the added bonus of learning my own heritage and family history.

photographed some personal projects and new, unique faces of different ethnicities and

backgrounds. On my return to Cornwall, I settled back into a routine and I am now set up as

a Freelance Photographer. University not only helped me learn the technical side to

photography, but gave me the time to experiment with all aspects of personal and

professional imagery, whilst developing key skills in post production. I have a keen interest

in fashion and beauty and I believe this has given me the edge as a wedding photographer,

by being aware of the brides best angles and styles. As for my love of babies, well, that is

nothing new. Everyone that knows me, knows that I adore them, and having had the pleasure

of photographing nearly 1000 babies this year working in the maternity wing of Treliske

Hospital I have learnt how to capture special moments. Isabella Banks Photography is

growing and I love the journey it is taking me on.



For more examples of my work, or about me view…

Photographer in Cornwall Isabella Banks.



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