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As a photographer with a passion for capturing action, I was fortunate to spend the afternoon shooting some updated content for Cornwall High Performance’s socials and website.  Cornwall High Performance dedicate themselves to providing strength and conditioning programs for children aged 10-18 years old. 

Cornwall High Performance empower the youth to reach their full athletic potential, avoid injury and be bulletproof. From mobility, lifting, to friendships I managed to capture it all in a jam packed session.

A Glimpse into Cornwall High Performance:

The gym is located in the heart of Truro, it is a private gym specialising in strength and conditioning for youth and the general public, with many of the athletes competing at national level. 

 As a lifestyle photographer, I meet a lot of people, and not any day is the same, I come into contact with some incredible individuals and these guys; Rob and Sam, are really doing a great job for the  youth in Cornwall. Watching coaches, nurture the physical development of young athletes, with care and extensive knowledge is powerful. Their strength and conditioning programs are designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels. From beginners to seasoned athletes which play sports at competition level. 

Meet the Coaches | Rob & Sam

rob and sam at cornwall high performance

For more information about Cornwall High Performance Check out this link : Child To Champion Programme — Cornwall High Performance

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